About Hugh B Hamilton

Hugh B Hamilton was a family man and a business man. Having a father as a chemist and running a small business was the training ground for his entry into the retail industry. He briefly studied accounting and while he loved working with figures and was excellent in this area he was also a people person. However his first love was the business world.

Working in the insurance industry and then selling insurance became his introduction to work life. This was not an easy industry to develop the skills he needed however it gave him a strong belief in the importance of being adequately prepared for all events including death. Over the years he worked hard in this industry and always strived to provide the best information and cover for each person and especially for families.

He spent a short time in manufacturing as administration manager with responsibility for the finances and stock control of a manufacturing company. This was an excellent grounding for his future foray into retail in various departments of large department stores. He progressed to various facets of retail businesses especially management.

´╗┐´╗┐Hugh B Hamilton

He created an export and import company, exporting goods from Australia to PNG and then importing products from Japan into PNG. Hugh B Hamilton strengths were in his people and negotiation skills. He was a generous man and while living in PNG for many years built long lasting and effective relationship with people from other countries especially the people of PNG.

Hugh B Hamilton leaves a family committed to following his tradition of passion for business and producing quality products for the market.